Backyard Fish Pond, Israel

This pond was self built, and contains 10 goldfish + over 50 mosquitofish.

Backyard Fish Pond, Israel
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14 Responses to Backyard Fish Pond, Israel

  1. Gregmills007

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  2. ThePearlshine

    did u build ur pond with cement?

  3. OMGHuygens

    how do you keep the water so clean? :O its gorgeous

  4. HealthyEnergetics

    Your video really helped me to visualize what I want.
    It is so beautiful and peaceful. You have obviously added spiritual energy.

    I am wanting to recreate your pond. It is beautiful.
    How deep is it? what kind of filter are you using.
    the water is so clear. Are you using a UV filter
    Is it still as peaceful as when you built it?

  5. lyrmar

    those are really thirsty wasps =) Beautiful pebble arrangements…how deep is your pond and what website did you visit for the pond-making? 5stars for this

  6. vinhleez1

    Don’t get too much koi fish guys they eat like shit, I feed my koi fish at least about 2 breads for 2 or 3 days each cause about 2 dollars lol and they are still hungry I usually feed them about 4 bread in 3 day, I have 6 koi fish each is about 9 to 11 inches long and I have 5 catfish about 8inches I got those cat fish from fishing xD

  7. ColdFusion0


  8. raphaelbouhnik

    Not bad at all, i’ll try it!

  9. 87even

    thats some delicious footage !!!

  10. LegoIL

    it was not difficult at all – you can find many guides on the internet. I just dug a hole in a nice spot in my backyard – with plenty of shade, but with a few hours of sunshine daily too. I then bought a PVC sheet in the right sight, and of course pump + filter + tubing. The waterfall is built with pebbles. The hard part is the electrical system – you have to get a secured electrical box that can withheld hard conditions such as rain, and you have to get electricity outside. But it was worth it!

  11. FatJan

    Very nice! How did you make it?

  12. MissyTarantula

    great looking pond. I would think to warm for goldfish but they look nice I keep cichlids,platies in my yard pond in Florida

  13. boyramz2007


  14. hnussbacher


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