Boulder Landscaping Company to Host Earth Day Workshop in Broomfield on Sunday

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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) April 20, 2013

Ecoscape Environmental Design, a landscaping company from Boulder, CO, will host an educational workshop on xeriscaping on Sunday, April 21st in Broomfield in celebration of Earth Day.

The workshop, which will take place at 3pm this Sunday at 16151 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO, is intended to educate audiences of varying skill sets on the topics of xeriscape gardens, edible gardens, and even fruits and vegetables.

"We've designed the workshop material for homeowners looking to transform their lawn to xeriscape gardens, install a vegetable garden, or incorporate fruits, berries, and herbs into their landscapes," Ecoscape Environmental Design owner and Boulder landscape designer Bill Melvin said. "We will also cover more advanced material for the avid gardener looking for new species to integrate into their land, the curious gardener wanting to know what type of fruits can grow well in this climate, and even the beginning gardener who will find fascination in colorful photos of what is possible in our semi-arid environment."

Workshop: Xeriscaping in our Arid West

Date: Sun. April 21, 2013

Location: 16151 Lowell Blvd, Broomfield, CO 80023

Time: 3-4pm

For more info, contact Ecoscape at 303.447.2282

For Melvin, Earth Day is something he has celebrated since he was just a kid.

Ever since I was a kid I thought it was so wonderful to have one day out of the year where people actually pay tribute to this cosmic ecosystem we call home, he said. For many, thankfully, Earth Day is acknowledged every day of the year, but April 22 is a great opportunity to bring community together for conscious recognition of how vital the livings systems all around us are.

With recent changes to water laws in Boulder County that will now allow residents to use roof water catchment of rain water and snow melt, Melvin will show people how to lower their water bills in his presentation of Xeriscaping in our Arid West.

Take the time to look at the drought and watering restrictions as an opportunity or catalyst for change. There are so many little ways you can proactively save water. It is a wonderful time to tear up that lawn you are tired of caring for and watering excessively, Melvin said. In a semi-arid desert, isnt it just silly that engineers design developed land to shed water into the sewer? Why not capture it and use it?

Gray water can now be utilized for flushing of toilets and sub surface drip irrigation, Melvin said. These changes are not very feasible for many as the city requires separately plumbed lines for the gray water making the investment cost prohibitive to most.

In the not too distant future, I believe we will see big changes to Colorado water laws, Melvin said. It was after all not too long ago that the mayor of Denver was advising people to catch their shower water for use in their landscapes.

Call the Ecoscape Environmental Design office at 303.447.2282 to learn more about the Earth Day Workshops. Learn more about Ecoscape's landscaping design and maintenance services at

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