Breakthrough in Green Alternative Building Methods, Treehouses and Eco Modular Homes in Costa Rica, Built from Teak, Bamboo, Car Axles, Tires and Recyclable Materials

bird bath

Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica, Central America (PRWEB) July 25, 2012

Lapa's Nest Treehouse uses only recycled car axles and wood pins for support. 58' up in the air, no bolts or steel and engineered to ride it out in the canopy during the big 7.5 quake. 6 story tree house does not touch or harm the tree in any way. Prefabricated with Teak, bamboo, natural felled trees and recyclables. Lapa's Nest is surrounded by nature, exotic birds and monkeys, 100% environmentally friendly sleeping 8 guests in 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and try the famous glass bottom shower.

HGTV, Bloomberg, Survivor VIP and Lloyd Kahn featured our Swiss Family Robinson style treehouse. Made completely from Asian Teak and from the fastest growing plant in the world, Bamboo, Asian and Columbian varieties are stronger than steel, great for posts, floor supports, roof trusses, walls, beams, furniture and cabinetry. Bug resistant and termite free, bamboo is self-sustaining and doesn't require pesticides to grow. Bamboo sequesters 3 times more carbon than trees creating more oxygen and is the World's most viable construction material. Sustainably architecture in tropical Central America is critical to conservation and preservation.

Eco friendly house plans consider watersheds, rivers and mangrove estuaries first before breaking ground. Political leaders in Central America should consider Teak, bamboo and precast concrete as a primary source for constructing public and private developments. Teak and bamboo contributes to affordable and sustainable green building. Build carbon neutral, build with a small footprint and build now. Keep the chainsaws out of the rainforest,and help preserve biodiversity. Offering sustainable architectural consultation in Central America since 2001.

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