Build Your First Garden Pond

Build Your First Garden Pond Your First Garden Pond is an absolute must have for anyone contemplating designing and constructing their first garden pond. Inside you will find ?What water gardening is all about ?How to construct your pond in easy to understand language ?How to keep your pond healthy so you can enjoy your plants and wildlife ?Which are the best plants to stock your pond with ?How to keep Koi and goldfish and when to breed them

Build Your First Garden Pond

3 Responses to Build Your First Garden Pond

  1. dfgdfdgf

    Beautiful? pond

  2. damafiafz

    sir beautiful job !! create relax feeling and hav a question wat u did for base u did u cement? it or any thing else plz reply

  3. AvrilLane

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, it’s? a great help to the novice like myself. You did a really great job on it, especially the handmade rocks and wood.

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