Can comet goldfish go into koi ponds?

koi ponds

Can comet goldfish go into koi ponds?
I dont plan on ever having a pond.....I was just curious about this.

How are they different than Koi?
Is it a matter of markings?


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Answer by extremlysexyromantic
Goldfish are Carp. Carp are in almost all lakes that are home to fish so I would say yes.

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2 Responses to Can comet goldfish go into koi ponds?

  1. Ianab

    They are a different, but related, species.

    They should be able to live together in a pond, as long as there was plenty of space and food and the goldfish were a decent size.


  2. liss

    Yes, we actually stocked our pond with them. They are now 6-8 inches long. Most turned into being partially orange and white.

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