Cascade and Pond Kit – 200 GPH, 110 Volt

Ideal backyard pond system for family enjoyment. Comes in 2 plastic parts - a 2ft. x 3ft. cascade unit and a 39-1/2 in. L x 29.0 in.W x 11 in .D pre-formed pond. Includes 200 GPH energy-efficient pump with filter, 1 water conditioners, tubing for cascade, starter bacteria and instructions. Easy to install. GPH: 200, Volts: 110, Cord Length (ft.): 10, Tube Size (in.): 1/2, Length (ft.): 8, Dimensions L x W x H (ft., in.): 39 1/2in. x 29in x 11in., Includes: 2ft. x 3ft. cascade unit

  • Filter Built Into Pump
  • 3 Prong Plug
  • Energy Efficient Magnetic Drive Grounded Outdoor Pump and Filter
  • Tubing: 1/2in. Black Vinyl Tubing 8ft. Long
  • Instructions Included

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