Clear Pond Complete In-Ground Backyard Pond Kit – 4ft. x 6ft. x 18in. Deep, Model# 71104

Create your own backyard in-ground pond, complete with fountain. You get everything you need to set up your own 4ft. x 6ft. x 18in.D pond (except rocks and fish).U.S.A. Dimensions L x W x H (ft., in.): 4 x 6 x 18D, Material: 8 x 10 nontoxic polyethylene liner

  • 8ft. x 10ft. nontoxic, polyethylene liner for a x 6ft. x 18in.D pond
  • Fish-safe, energy-efficient pump and tubing to aerate water and keep fish and plants healthy
  • Clog-resistant, adjustable fountainheads that spray two patterns: fleur de lis and dome
  • Starter water treatment and conditioner for proper water balance

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