CottageCare? Kansas City Now Offers Patio Cleaning

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Kansas City, MO (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Kansas City is the heart of the Midwest. It is the largest city city in Missouri and home to more than two million people. It was founded in 1838 as the "Town of Kansas" was officially incorporated as Kansas City in 1853. Since its foundation its residents have had a deep love for family and clean homes. Now, with the help of CottageCare? theyre getting it done.

Headquartered in Kansas City, CottageCare? is one Americas premier house cleaning services. They offer customized services, so homeowners can be assured that every inch of their home is in pristine shape. For more than 30 years, CottageCare? has been living up to its theme: Freedom from housework?, its a fabulous feeling!

Services include cleaning floors, furniture and fixtures in every room in the house. And now, with the addition of deck or patio cleaning services for just $ 20 more, homeowners can entertain guests in their homeinside and outsidewithout worrying about whether its clean.

CottageCare? is a welcomed part of the area business community, partly because of the benevolent focus of the business. CottageCare?s Values Statement: Act justly. Be generous. Walk humbly. is evident in its charitable work it founded and continues to sustain (CottageCare? Widows and Orphans Relief Fund) to provide housing, food, clothing, education and health care to needy children and widows in Rwanda, Africa.

CottageCare? has the distinguished record of having been environmentally friendly since its roots in the mid-1970s, not just with the recent popular trend. Every product used in customers' homes is non-toxic and non-abrasive. This protects the environment and customers' property, as well as the crew members providing services. Its always been that way, and it always will be.

CottageCare? comprises locally owned and operated franchises.

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