Designing Water Gardens

Designing Water Gardens

Inspirational Water Garden design ideas.

Designing Water Gardens

14 Responses to Designing Water Gardens

  1. NotofThisworld333


  2. Herper15

    Do you have to keep soil around the roots of the aquatic plants when you put them in the pond? How do you over-winter plants in? a harsh winter climate? Thanks!!

  3. GregJoshuaW

    I actually have a question for you… my liner is leaking from somewhere. Do you have any tricks I could try to? locate where it is leaking from? It’s bad – leaks at least 30gal / day. :(

  4. ThePondDigger

    Water features are? a mandatory item in any garden paradise….. Thanks for the feedback

  5. ThePondDigger

    Thanks for the feedback. Glad we inspired? you!

  6. ThePondDigger

    Ha funny. Had to? google some images to double check.

  7. ThePondDigger

    Thanks for? the feedback!

  8. ThePondDigger

    Thanks? for the feedback!

  9. ThePondDigger

    I will take the? constructive criticism to the editor.

  10. ThePondDigger

    Did you get one yet? I? hope to do another print run in the next few weeks.

  11. ThePondDigger

    Thanks? for the feedback!

  12. ThePondDigger

    Rigid pond liner is difficult to work with. Rubber liner is really easy to work with and should cost you less money than a rigid liner. What you are asking can be done.? I just don’t think I could describe techniques with text.

  13. ThePondDigger

    This depends on your goals and expectations for the pond. Budgets come into play as well. How much space do you have and what are you wanting out? of this pond?

  14. ThePondDigger

    Check our website for information on pond? filters

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