DIY Pond Filter

DIY Pond Filter

DIY Pond Filter. Build a pond or aquarium fillter from a bucket and and a bunch of plumbing parts. The total price was less then . (not including the power head pump. I got that from ebay.) Took about 1 and a half hours to build. Not including the 2 hours spent looking for parts at the home building plumbing department.

DIY Pond Filter

17 Responses to DIY Pond Filter

  1. MrSilent937

    The video i posted the first? tank withturtles and fish is made from this concept and it works great always crystal clear 4 stages of media

  2. kingr34gtr

    did your filter media start to float when water was in it

  3. Nsx25

    Do you have any suggestion for those who are using round buckets for the filter? I am using a 32 gal round bucket and using a 2 inch pipe that runs through it. I used cement glue since it was an abs pipe and its stil leaking. This is the 2nd? time that I have to redo it and its stressing me out. I also can not find any 2 inch rubber washer to go around where the pipes meet at the bucket. Please help me fix this problem.

  4. betomty84

    hey, i’m about to make my own diy filter,? but tell me something, how did it work? is your pond water clear?

  5. MrSilent937

    I small scaled this with the pump to 250GPH and works great in? aquariums .

  6. chrisdinskates

    nd what happens when it gets dirty ?

  7. MrSilent937

    subbed u this thing is kicking ass with my 6 turtles hatclings in my 75 gallon tank .Thank You so much . Join us on fishtank tv . com? ,we do ponds also :)

  8. mat2dong

    Anyone post? a parts list yet?? Please post a parts list:)

  9. SqwishSqwash

    thanks so much!? I made a mini version for my 50 gallon pond. I used a round bucket, and it DID still work :)

  10. saltwatermike1

    how is the pond doing now with homemade? filter

  11. enticed2zeitgeist

    Nice and clean! Might want to? light proof it so that algae doesn’t grow in it though?

  12. Jlandkenzo

    i want to make? that filter!!!

  13. MrFareez123

    Excellent video… i learned a? lot!!

  14. godspeed500

    very amazing?

  15. CHINESEdemocracy101

    that filter is no way big enough for that pond.?

  16. agentmoller001

    This is a good video EXCEPT those scrub pads!!!!! You shouldn’t use those because they have anti – algae something or another? in them. Just spend the small amount of money on the bio balls and filter foam for this project. Everything else is PERFECT!!!!!

  17. aquaticjace111

    NEVER USE SPONGES OR SCRUBBERS FROM THE GROCERY! as these contain anti-? fungal chemicals and should never be used for aquarium or pond purposes. better BUY ACTUAL FILTER MEDIA FROM the fish stores and stop being too cheap because YOUR FISH WILL DIE. you can buy ceramic rings, filter sponges and activated charcoal from the petstores. ceramic rings make the water clean for the fish, they serve as the biological filtration. activated carbon removes the cloudiness and the filter sponge removes poop

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