fish ponds?

fish ponds

fish ponds?
I bought a bigger pump/filter and my pond is still turning green. Why is this? Is there something else I need to do?

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Answer by Michael G
does the pond have shade over it?
the water mite be green but the fish well be ok but if u want it to be clean get some algie stopper

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  1. TopPotts

    Place some plants, like water hyacynth in it. The plants will not only provide shade, but also use up the nutrients that would otherwise feed the algae.

  2. hmmdotdotdotlol

    sunlight often causes green water. you can get uv lights that fix into ur filter which can help. there are also various treatments which get rid of green water.

  3. Ian

    U need to buy a UV fillter light they’re not too expensive and have really good results.

  4. danielle Z

    It isn’t because of your pump it is because of the time of year it is. Algae is growing out of control this time of year.

    Best thing I have found for all my ponds is to put a tinting agent into the pond. Doesn’t hurt fish and filters out light. It also won’t kill planted plants, just stop the growth of algae.

    Also, putting floating plants like water hythis and water lettuce really helps to control algae and shades the pond as well. The fish love them too.

  5. Ramil Dy

    pump and filter will not stop algae you need to buy a UV light however aside from expensive it consume a lot of electricity. Partial cheap sollution to your problem is put a shade in your pond.

  6. Rob S

    you need a uv filter. this will clear the water but will take a couple of weeks to do this. check ammonia levels while its clearing because a uv filter causes the single cell algae to clump together so your filter can pick it up, this will decay in the filter so likely to see peaks in water parameters until its clear. this is by far the best way to treat the pond and has the added benefits of killing bacteria in the water too.
    buy one that can cope with the flow rate of your new pump.
    water will be crystal clear and the only mantainance is changing the u.v bulb once a year or so.

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