gardening tips and advice e.g for ponds flower beds patio and deckings?

my garden is very very large its like a farm maybe a bit bigger
me and my boyfriend moved there 2 months ago and want to start work on it

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  1. Jen M

    Get A good book on planting gardens and caring for them. Just pull a few books in the Garden Section off the shelf and start to read them, choose one that seems to “speak to you” IE makes sense to you. This will help you to care for your garden after you plant it.

    A good book on landscaping. These books can help you with design elements that you might not think about. For instance having a cemented in or Flagstone patio area where you can have a table and BBQ or maybe a type of Gazebo where you can put like Patio furniture in and make like an outdoor living area.

    The other thing I would start to do to get ideas is (If you have cable) watch HGTV…Landscapers Challenge is good, Curb Appeal…they have many shows that deals with landscaping instead of house decorating. If you don’t have cable then you can log onto HGTV for more information.

    Another thing you can do is start to look at magazines…if you can find a picture of something you like, then you can use that as a focus picture and then find elements like in the picture, in your price range.

  2. lady

    If you are interested in having a pond, I suggest you go to This is s free site that has alot of info on all kinds of ponds, ie: mud ponds, goldfish, koi, water gardens etc. Many of the nice folks on this site live on large farm like lands and have many ideas for not only ponds but gardens. Good Luck!

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