good pond plants?

pond plants

good pond plants?
We just built a 2 level pond in our backyard, we live in california we dont have any shade trees or plants around it. wat are some good plants or trees that we can put around it???

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elephant ears are great. evergreen in areas with out frost. perrenial in areas with frost. grows very large and large leaves that look like elephant ears. can stand in 4 inches of water.

cannas. are also great. some sun will make flowers on the plant and the plant will give a tropical look as well as a nice look to any pond. evergreen in frost free areas. perennial in frost aeas.

also water lilies.

hardy veiety is great sperads fast and will cover a pond with blooms.

also some nice trees are

rubber tree. this one is a ficus that is cold tollerant to 20 so northern california and areas far from the coast this is an annual.

canary island date palm
pretty cold tollerant cold hardy to 15. large leaves and a good shade tree.

olive. southern califonia only. this is really nice for color and a nice look near pond. doesnt tolerate water so make it far from the actual pond

gardenia. fragrant flowers and nice color. likes water so not bad for ponds. gadenia tree grows pretty tall.

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  1. Jeanne the Genius

    Elephant ears look great, and you can buy special black elephant ears that you can sink into the posd up to the top of the pot — they will look like they are growing right out of the water. A small red maple can be trained to lean over the pond. When the light comes through it there is nothing more magical! Corkscrew grass, rock iris, asclepias (to attract butterflies). On the pond, for shade, you can place water hyacinth (which multiplies very fast) and sink a waterlily or two, or a lous. In California (paradise) you can grow anything.

    Enjoy it — I have had a pond for five years and it is so exciting to go out and see what is in bloom in the morning. Waterlilies attract dragonflies and it just gives everything a fairy-like appearance.

  2. plaplant8

    Maybe you should construct something that throws some shade or plant a few things that would provide some shade. There are some wonderful shade lovers that would be nice to incorporate.You might consider visiting a nursery that has water plants. They can give you the best advice on what works in your area and in the sun you have. I live up north where it is cooler, and even here we make shady spots by the water and mix and match plants with interesting shapes and colors. There are marginal plants and bog plants and some that are fine submerged as deep as your pond is. Water lilies seem like a good one in sun. Gunnera are wonderful big leafed things. Cannas are great sun lovers, and colorful. Some iris work in water. Sagittaria, sweet flag and juncus, cyperus, lobelia are probably ok.Check the library for some info and if you have a county extension office they could steer you to someone who could advise you. Find a local source of pond information to get a few tips so that it is a successful adventure. Have Fun.

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