Home Bar with Water Feature

Home Bar with Water Feature

I built this home bar in 2008 that features a working waterfall, hanging glass racks and wine bottle racks. LED lighting and a copper and bronze leaf finish. You can see this bar and more of my home design projects at www.etsy.com Thanks for viewing! Other tags: Built-in, Home Bars, Custom...

Home Bar with Water Feature

21 Responses to Home Bar with Water Feature

  1. Barina Craft

    This falling water home bar will certainly wet? your whistle. Beautiful design.

  2. gregoryholmes04

    how could i get intouch with you to build me a bar like this,? water features are in amazing. Here is my email….gregoryholmes04@yahoo.com

  3. Lillian Walker

    Another thing let me know how much that costs, where you are located? and any current projects under construction in California or anywhere in the US. I’d love to see them.

  4. Lillian Walker

    That was a really unique design! Do you currently have any homes about to go into construction that? I could feature? I just finished my second book and have another project which features homes with unique designs and we follow the progress from beginning to end. I love the sound of water and the look of what you are doing. Nice design integration.

  5. AlexARatiu

    Very Cool… And wet… But mostly cool… Good Job! :)?

  6. UrbanDirtTv

    Wow. I just love this. I’ve always loved water – light and music. One of these days I’m going to need to build one of these while? sync’d to Disney music :)

  7. TripCtulsa

    you built that?! fucking awesome! how much did? that run you??????

  8. kurumaSMASH

    I’d love to? have a bar in my place like this

  9. evandrapanych

    Great? job!!

  10. ChristyABell

    want? oneeeeeeeeeee

  11. joelledolphin

    Wow Dear? really wonderful and great job

  12. crunch7077

    Very Neat? !

  13. Asithappenslive

    Absolutley brilliant !! I think? i will have you as my interior designer for my house :-)

  14. Emin Sarp Aksungur

    cool but that water? noise … i have to pee now!

  15. jenny smith

    maybe for little kids but for us grown ups we use the bathroom…lol!?

  16. Stacey Quayle

    ROFLMAO who needs to leave the bar when? ure all ready standing at the urinial



  18. mindseyedesign

    LOL thanks a? lot cheers!!!!!

  19. mel6883

    omg. this is amazing!? wish i had this! my mates would be so impressed if i had this in my rumpus room! haha. good effort. by far the most desirable home bar i’ve seen!

  20. dtwbandit

    have to say that’s? AWESOME mate

  21. applesweeter

    Your Home? bar is very attractive, which can calm us down.

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