How can I build a waterslide for my pond?

deck pond

How can I build a waterslide for my pond?
I have a 15 ft deep pond at my house and I want to build a slide for my kids. I just need a guide or something along the lines of instructions to go off of. Can someone help me find a website or something?

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Answer by loved1
Purchase a used one from a pool company or from a recycling building warehouse. To make one will cost you far more in money than you can imagine, we tried that.

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  1. fireguy

    i don’t know the overall size of the pond but consider putting in a floating entertainment center. plastic 55 gallon drums supporting a deck made of pressure treated wood, covered with astro turf. then on the slide mount a regular slide with the end over the water. you can also bolt on a mini tramp for the kids to bounce off into the water. we had a similar set up at a lake i used to go to as a kid and we loved it.

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