how can i clear up the water on my decorative garden ponds?

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how can i clear up the water on my decorative garden ponds?
I just built 2 outdoor decorative garden ponds and they will not clear up. what should i do other than buy a 600$ filter and pump?

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Answer by Dance D
see if there are some kind of tablets that will clear the water.

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  1. Alana C

    If you need to clean the ponds you should buy a pool net at wal-mart and it will work wonderfully.It did for me.

  2. thewrangler_sw

    First, I would suggest that you go to a local nursery and ask about this… take some pictures of your ponds along, and perhaps a sample.

    If the problem is weeds, then this product may help – AquaClear. You can find their website at –
    (by the way, this a good site to look at… offers descriptions of different types of lake/pond weeds, etc, and guidelines on what works best on them)

    As far as purchasing a pump and filter…. you could use a whole house filter, and any inexpensive pump… buy the parts right off the shelf, and put it together yourself… won’t cost anywhere near $ 600.

    Good Luck

  3. Gordy M

    Use Algea Fix. It works well and wont kill any fish.

  4. hearthecatsmeow

    First of all clean any large clumps of algae. then there are several routes you can go. Micro-lift is a very good product and safe for fish and plants. Also, barley bales work great as a natural way to go. Also, you can get catfish and snails to help cut back on the sludge. Also, a shades pond is always cleaner than a sunny one. If you have no shade and cannot provide any buy some lily plants to help shade the pond.

  5. Cydney -

    You could take a more natural approach and try to find some fish that help to clean it out. The website below has some ideas for dif. types of fish.

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