How can I restore the flow for my koi pond waterfall pump?

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How can I restore the flow for my koi pond waterfall pump?
I moved into a house with a large koi pond over the summer. The waterfall used to flow quite strongly, but now the flow is very weak. Even when I run the water straight from the pump to the waste tube (bypassing the filter and waterfall), there's not much flow. I emptied out the leaf basket that sits just before the pump, but that didn't help. What else should I try?
Thanks for the suggestions. Yes, the flow is much weaker now than when I first moved in (even when it was running through the filter, but especially when it was bypassing the filter). I don't think it's settling -- my guess is there's something stuck in the pipe between the drain and the pump, or maybe the pump is dying.

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Answer by Benji Man
Does it sound the same as when you first moved in? Did you ever run the pump before without the filter and waterfall to have a good comparison?

I recently bought a house that had a large pond and stream/waterfall. During last winter as things settled one side of the stream became lower and was slowly leaking water and thus decreased the flow of the falls and the water level. If that's not it, take your pump to a local greenhouse/nursery that specializes in water features and see if they can help you. Most greenhouses are locally owned and thus bend over backwards to help customers.

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    Funny how you get a thank you, but no best answer… good answer Benji!

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