How can I stop animals from chewing my propane tank hose connected to my patio heater?

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How can I stop animals from chewing my propane tank hose connected to my patio heater?
The hose is typical-kind of a hard black rubber outside. The hose was long and some of it was laying on the ground and maybe that was the problem. But some kind of animal chewed some little holes through the rubber creating a leak. My area is prone to squirrels, maybe mice or racoons. I live in a semi wooded condo. Is there anything I can put on the hose to deter them from chewing it again? I did buy a shorter hose that does not touch the ground.

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Answer by janniel
You can try animal deterrent pellets for outdoor use from a pet, hardware or gardening store. Your local animal welfare organisation will likely also be able to advise on a remedy safe for your hose and safe for wildlife.

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  1. DeeDee

    the reason animals are chewing on it, is that when you grill, drops of grease drop down on the hose, which is attracting animals (probably raccoons or mice or rats)

  2. myopinionforwhatitsworth

    couple things you could try
    You could go to an atuo parts store and pick up some braided wire hose covering and wrap your hose in that . Or
    you could rub a hot sause , like TABASCO on it .. the smell alone should deter them ,, if not one taste will have them heading back into the woods ..
    good luck ..
    wow .. how long have you used your patio heater as a grill ..
    ok dee dee and jorge .. .. clearly you are missing something here .. first of all the question was HOW to stop this from happening not WHY this was happening ..and CLEARLY it was stated that the hose that was being chewed on was the hose that connects the propane tank to a patio heater .. no where was there mention of a gas grill sorry to have to break the news to you …

  3. ajezzio

    b b gun!!! sorry… but they will come back unless you dont let them. just kidding!!! sorry! maybe get at dog or….

    try to find a hydraulic hose shop and they should have a metal wrap or a thick plastic wrap that would stop the animals from being able to penetrate the cover of the hose. a good place is tompkins industries. call 1800-422-3495 and ask for aaron. he works at tompkins and is awesome at coming up with answers!

  4. stevehicks4556

    I would try smearing something nasty tasting along the rubber.

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