How do I create a backyard getaway?

patio pond

How do I create a backyard getaway?
I want a hammock, pond... I need more ideas...I have a huge backyard... what can I add to make use of the space and really make it a relaxing environment?

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Answer by oneradchica
Buy really comfortable outside lounge chairs. Buy a bar, you know to drink while you relax. get a pool or hot tub

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    Add a pot plant.

  2. caz

    First, get a pen and paper and make a map of your back yard and the existing items in it. If you are not a great drawer then get some grid paper. This is so you get an idea of where to put things. I love the hammock and pond.
    You can add a waterfall to your pond;
    a stone wall that connects to the waterfall/pond area;
    a bench;
    a shed;
    maybe a tiny little covered sitting area or little tree house type area to sit in when it is raining;
    a chimnea;
    a built in pool would be cool if you can afford it!
    a patio;
    a path through a garden area full of flowers and plants that bloom in the different season;
    nice patio furniture;
    a bar area for entertaining…
    well, that is all I could come up with at this time.
    Have fun relaxing.

  3. Mr. PotatoHead

    Some good ideas might be a wood trellis with an attached swing, possibly a stone patio deck, within the landscape, with a nice wood bench. You could also have a stone firepit. I would have lots of landscape and trees. Use some ornamental grasses for a different feel and tecture. If you build a pond, use native stones and boulders around it to hide the liner or plastic bowl. Maybe have a stone waterfall or a fountain for movement and something nice to listen to. Good Luck

  4. tucker3094

    I wish I had the time, space, and money to do this with my backyard. I would definitely go with the hammock and pond. If you want to make it really aesthetic, boarder the pond with stones and have a walkway from the pond to your back door. I would also add a couple of benches around the pond for times when you don’t want to use the hammock. You could also purchase a wide variety of flowers. I would recommend annuals: you plant them once and they grow back every year with little stress on your part. You’ll definitely want a few shade trees if you don’t have them already, and if you do, you can clip a few branches to make them look right and to give you just the right amount of shade without blackening your entire yard. If you don’t have a fence, I would recommend getting a stained wooden fence to keep the neighbors out of your paradise. A nice grill is also a must have. BBQ’d chicken and ribs could make your getaway complete. If you have some extra money, you could buy a swing to hang from a tree, a fruit tree, or a gardener to help mantain everything, but of course these are all added luxuries. I hope that you are able to build the backyard of your dreams with the help of our suggestions.

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