How do I go about cleaning my garden pond?

How do I go about cleaning my garden pond?
I have an artificial pond in my back garden.
There are 4 frogs in it and lots of spawn.
It is littered with leaves etc.
How do I go about putting clean water in it?

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Answer by Jeremy C
We have often had this trouble at home. We used to get lots of algae, mosquito larvae and tadpoles in our pool when we left it for long times without putting chemicals in. There are some ways to clean it.

You could put chemicals in, it would help clean the water. However, it's a pond, so there probably isn't any circulation system installed. What we used to do is hire a hydro pump (one that you put in the water to drain out all the water) and leave that going for a few hours until all the water was drained.

My suggestion: Get a net and get rid of all the leaves floating at the top of the pool. Next, take all the frogs out (if you're very conscientious, make a nice little home for them :P). Make sure that the pond is free of big objects. Then, go to a hardware hire store and ask for an underwater vacuum pump. Chuck that in the bottom of the pond, and turn it on.

Once the pond is mostly drained, bucket out the last of the water. If the pond walls are really dirty and full of algae, get a high pressure hose (Gerni) and clean off the walls. Then, after that, just fill up the pool with a couple of hoses.

PS: If you can't be f...ed hiring a pump, and you're a very patient man/woman, try syphoning out the pond water through as many hoses as you can find. Beware though, the water won't taste good ;)

Good luck mate


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2 Responses to How do I go about cleaning my garden pond?

  1. grannygrunt28391

    Before you go and rent a pump to empty your pond check out other ways of cleaning.

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  2. saaanen

    I have 2, and I haven’t cleaned them for 2 years. I won’t destroy the ecosystem I have built up. What I do is cover them, in the fall, to prevent leaves. Even though I do this, I still get leaves. In the spring I just scoop out the leaves that have fallen over the winter. There are many enzymes out there that will decompose what you don’t get. If you really want to clean it, pump out about 1/3 of the water. Make sure you pump from the bottom. This will get a lot of the sludge. Fill it back up and see if that works. If you’re still not happy, wait another week or 2, and repeat.

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