how do u start an enclosed patio project?


how do u start an enclosed patio project?
We have an open outdoor patio and we want 2 convert it in2 an enclosed patio. How do u start? Our patio measures 12x22 ft.

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Answer by Brother Otter
Your plans must acount for a variety of things:
*12 feet is not so far as to require wooden I-beams for roof structure but consider them anyway; they stay straight and allow more head space for insulation.
*How much slope must the roof have? This is determined by how many trees are around, how much snow you get, etc. If anything could accumulate on the roof then it must be stronger and have more slope.
*Can you get that much slope where the porch will be built? If you have a single storey house with low gutters, you have another problem to solve.
*Do you want sky-lights? You'll have to allow for them structurally.
*Is this to be a three season space or four season? How hot or cold does it get where you live? This determines how much insulation is needed, what kind of windows, where you can use screen, whether you need heat or A/C. If you want ceiling fans remember to plan for that because the mounting boxes for fans are heavier duty that for other light fixtures.
*Is this intended to be clean space? or an extension of the yard? Actually, I prefer tile and rugs in a patio either way; much easier to keep clean.
*What utilities are needed? Do you want to do food preparation on the patio? Water, power, drainage, ventilation.
*Think about how you're going to coordinate the exterior finish so the patio looks like it was "done on purpose" rather than something that's obviously added on. For example: if your house is bricked, find a way to continue matching brick around the outside of the porch.

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  1. lar

    get a set of blueprints made and put on the prints where the electric, plumbing and HVAC will go. Size the windows and doors and etc and go get a permit to build the enclosed patio.

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