How do you build and indoor waterfall and pond that is capable of holding fish and plants?

pond waterfall

How do you build and indoor waterfall and pond that is capable of holding fish and plants?
We would like some ideas on building an indoor pond and waterfall in our house. We also want to put fish and plants in it, so it needs to be large. Any ideas would be helpful, and pictures would be great help. Thank you so much. ~Sam

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Answer by geniusjack
go to DYI (do it yourself) and go from there. or try and they'll help you the same. good luck.

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  1. sherryn

    Are you aware that this will create a “greenhouse effect” inside your home & you will need to spend a lot more money to have your house installed with special filters & fresh air fans to counter act the mold spores that will start to grow in your walls. If you don’t have breathing problems now, you will after a few years of having an indoor pond in a house that is made of wood & sheetrock or plaster walls. Talk to an engineer before just doing this. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. Emilio R


  3. Loollea

    another thing to consider is regular maintenance, it gets pretty messy sometimes changing water or re-potting plants, please re-think putting this inside, put it on your patio, the fish will enjoy being outside also

  4. Rick

    Here are some considerations you need to address. Will you have enough lighting for the plants? If you have aquatic plants they will also need special plant lighting for many hours of the day in order to survive. Also when setting up any new ‘aquarium’ it will not be biologically balanced for about 6 months to a year so within that time period expect to loose many fish and plants because the biological ‘pond’ cycle will not have been achieved yet. Also there is no need to do massive water changes and cleaning. This is a myth and this actually hurts an aquarium balance. Only change about 20% of the water once ever 2 months and every 4 to 6 months aggressively (several times) stir up the bottom gravel and let the filter take out the excess crud. This is the only way to clean your water feature without killing fish and plants by seriously upsetting the balance. When do you see the pond down the road clean itself? Since it will be running water inside the house it will evaporate easily/fairly quickly so if you do not have ventilation you will need something to deter a possible mold issue. A dehumidifier might help. What kind of fish do you want to put in it? Any fish will need filtration that turns over the water at least four times an hour. In other words a 50 gallon tank will need a minumum of 200 gph filter to be sufficient. I usually double that because pumps slow down when filters get plugged. (Please note I am not talking about your waterfall yet.) Tropical fish will need a heater in the water that keeps the temp at around 78 degrees and this might be tricky with a waterfall constantly moving and cooling down the water. If you have goldfish then you will have to double the filtration because goldfish are a very dirty fish. The good thing about goldfish is that they will not need heat. The waterfall should be fine but expect green or brown algae to grow wherever there is water flowing. What you are planning will be nice but expect a lot of care and maintenance to keep it going without becoming a mess. If you keep up with it, it will be fantastic!!!

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