How do you remove rust from patio furniture?

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How do you remove rust from patio furniture?
i have iron patio furniture and it is do i remove the rust and how do i keep the rust off.

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Answer by leakthomas
use a wire brush,steel wool or sand paper then prime it,then use a good quality paint for metal,make sure that the primer and paint is for exterior if the furniture will be outside

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  1. humminngbirdhi

    Steel wool works great for removal. If you Have a Dremmel Tool, that works even better.

    Spray a little WD40 on a cloth and wipe down your furniture.

  2. GracieM

    Metal tables can really take a beating with rust. If the rust is light, make a paste of lemon juice and table salt. The consistency should resemble applesauce. Apply the paste directly to the rust and allow it to set for five to 10 minutes. Scrub the paste and metal with sandpaper or an abrasive sponge.

    Major rust needs a chemical treatment. Always use gloves and goggles when applying a chemical to treat rust. Consult with a hardware store representative to see which one is best for you. Always follow the directions on the label and make sure to wash the metal thoroughly and that no children or pets can gain access to the metal until it is dry.

    Once the metal table has been treated, washed and dried, it could use a coat of paint. Start with a good primer made for metal. Use a double-roller to easily paint round, small strips of metal that are typical for a patio table. Your table will look like it was purchased that day.

  3. The ReDesign Diva

    The best way to remove rust is to use CLR. You’ll find it at any good home hardware store. Follow the directions for removing rust… for those hard to reach places, use a brush.

    The only way to keep the rust off is to paint your iron patio furniture with a rust paint. I like Corrostop paint or Tremclad. There aren’t that many colors to choose from but you’ll find something you like.

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