How much would a garden pond cost?

How much would a garden pond cost?
I would like to install a pond in my garden similar to this one in size. How much would it cost if I buy all the supplies and install the pond myself? Thanks!
By the way, I would not install the lights!

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Answer by Stefni?
go to your local hardware store and find out.

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  1. Calum

    Hi Mrs Ktresaw
    Its great that you are thinking of installing a pond, it is well worth the effort.

    From that picture it is hard to put a cost on the pond as different people use different things with their ponds. One person might buy a cheap pump and filter where as another person might buy an expensive pump and filter with a skimmer as well.

    So my suggestion to you is to first decide the size of pond you would like, the easy way to do this is to lay some rope or something similar out on the ground to the size, and position that you want your pond then measure it. Then you can price up for the pond liner or preformed pond to the size you require, also you can work out the size of the pump and filter you will need etc..

    Other things to consider for pricing are plants, waterfall (if you want one), fountain (if you want one) and of course the fish. There are many options you may want to add to your pond that will cost extra.

    Check out your local garden center and resources online for inspiration and advice.

    I hope this helps.

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