How to build a fish pond

How to build a fish pond. Ten rules to guide you on an easy weekend project.

How to build a fish pond

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  1. dinosaurman1000

    @tbrouns ok thanks love the pond was it hard to make

  2. dinosaurman1000

    @tbrouns ok thanks i have 2 minows who live in a tote anyways very nice pond

  3. tbrouns

    @dinosaurman1000 I don’t do anything for the temperature – choose fish that can live in outside temperatures. For the oxygen, in my case, the water bubbling over the waterfall carries enough oxygen into the water. Also, some is absorbed from the air. I guess it could be necessary, but if you don’t have TOO many fish for your pond I don’t think it is needed. After all, a real pond does not have an air pump, but it is of course much larger….

  4. TravsWorldofVideo

    thanks : )

  5. dinosaurman1000

    do u have an ai r pump without it it keep the water at a staedy temputer also it make s oxygen

  6. tbrouns

    @TravsWorldofVideo Yes, you need a pump to push the water through the filter – see the other comments :-) The pump is the most expensive piece, and it depends on the size of your pond. Good luck!

  7. TravsWorldofVideo

    That was cool and do you need a pump

  8. dinosaurman1000

    @tbrouns does your filter have an air pump because plants will eventuly start using the oxygen in the water also fish love to swim by the air pump because i geuss they like it or somthing

  9. tbrouns

    @RandomXScooters It cleans out the small stuff – dirt and debris – and keeps the water clear. You still have to scoop out leaves and stuff from time to time. But you also clean the filter occasionally and it is full of goo and sludge.

  10. RandomXScooters

    can you just clean it out by urself though for a while or does the filter like help the water or something?

  11. tbrouns

    @RandomXScooters Yes you definitely need a filter. And a pump to push the water through the filter. This keeps the water clear, and if you get one where the water passes by a special light (it’s inside) then it kills the algae too so it doesn’t get all green and icky. Unfortunately the pump (which needs electricity) and filter are the expensive parts. If you add a waterfall, you need a stronger pump to push the water uphill. I suggest a pressurized filter you can hide in the ground.

  12. RandomXScooters

    do you need a filter or is that just something u have if there is a water fall? plz reply

  13. AfghanistanMatters

    @boboyang1 If you don’t have a fountain or anything, I think you might be right. Even 1 hole can do it. I’m no expert, but if it was me I would see how hard it would be to replace the rubber (check how it is installed) and either replace it (it’s not very expensive) along with some of that padding stuff underneath – or just take the fish out and bring them to another pond or a pet store until you can deal with it. Maybe check with a store that sells that stuff and see what they say.

  14. boboyang1

    my fish pond is leaking somewhere…we have to fill water every couple of days….my mum thinks there are small holes in the rubber liner…coz the pond was build by the perious owner….been there more than 6 years………..should i buy a new rubber liner replace this one….needs some advices please….thanks

  15. tbrouns

    @yournamehere954 Thanks so much for your feedback. It has been fun for all of us as the fish have grown, have reproduced and they have grown up as well. We’ve had frogs and tadpoles and all sorts of things appear in that little pond. I’m afraid I don’t remember exactly the thickness – I think it’s about 2 mm. They gave a 10-year guarantee and that seemed like plenty!

  16. yournamehere954

    nicely done. Its good as well to get your kids involved in something other than TV. My daughter is 4 and helping me do mine as well. She is really excited about it and its the only thing that gets her out the house in the daytime. How thick is your liner?

  17. tbrouns

    @heartsxo55 Good luck! Remember, always make it bigger than you think you need lol!

  18. heartsxo55

    This was so helpful! :) thank you! Im only 15 but i really want to build one in the spring time. So in about 6 or 7 months. I will get all the tools ready that i need and try making this too. Im excited to try it!

  19. tbrouns

    @Chiisainyo Good luck! I hope you can make your pond much bigger than mine :-)

  20. Chiisainyo

    My fiance and me are just looking for a house now , we want to put some japanese style on it, specially on the garden and we need a big backyard because we want to have a fish pond just like yours It is just lovely

  21. sayoerlodeh

    amateur pond

  22. tbrouns

    @Zibilu123 ha ha you must be joking….for almost a year my daughter begged that we could make a fish pond and you call it child labor? :-)

  23. animeartist2016

    I’d like to do that with my grandma when I go to her house.She likes koi and she is trying to fix up her yard to look wonderful.She;s also had this garden for about 15 years.Nice job!You and Molly did great!

  24. tbrouns

    @picatsoforfma According to all my reading, no. I have put plants in the water that are planted in plastic “baskets” – which makes removal (they do die from time to time) easier. As it turns out, debris that blows into the pond turns into a small layer of dirt, and some of the roots have grown out of the baskets into that dirt. I suspect that for a small pond, too much dirt (and rotting vegetation) may be bad for the chemistry.

  25. picatsoforfma

    So you don’t need dirt in the bottom of the pond for the plants?

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