How to build backyard pond waterfall?

pond waterfall

How to build backyard pond waterfall?
I have a rather small pond about 4 by 6 feet. Please tell me how to build a really nice waterfall with instructions and things im going to need. Thanks so much for the help.

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Answer by llittle mama
Go to the library and look at some books on the subject.
Ask for help at the reference desk.Ususally all you will need is a small pump and ciculate the water. Build up some rocks higher than the pond and run your pump hose up to the rocks. My cousin made one with an old time water wheel for his tiny pond which has koi in it, he just hooked the pump hosse to the top of the wheel to turn the paddle . and the water runs down it.

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  1. Drew

    the only easy way to tell you is to say research it, look online, tv and books, to find what you want, you can get a premade or make it yourself you might want a certin look, just research for ideals

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