How to Choose and Install Landscape Lighting

How to Choose and Install Landscape Lighting

Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to plan and install outdoor lighting in your yard. First, learn about the different types of lighting you can use to spruce up your landscape. Try spotlights for smaller areas or floodlights for a wide general area. Also, think about adding entrance lights, patio lighting or path and walkway lighting. If you want to try more dramatic lighting, add uplights beneath trees or statues. After you have thought about potential types of lights, you need to decide whether you want to use solar or low voltage lighting. Use solar if you are lighting for more of an aesthetic feel or use low voltage if you are more concerned about safety and security. After you have finished planning and deciding, it is time to install. Assemble the lights you will be using first, then use an edger or shovel to dig a place for the lights and cables. Once this is complete, connect the lights together and push the fixtures part way into the ground. Put the cables into the ground and attach to the power pack. Connect the power pack, turn everything on and make sure everything is working correctly. Finalize your lighting by covering the cables with mulch or grass and set any lighting controls. Now you can enjoy your newly installed landscape lighting! To learn more about outdoor lighting and to find other informative how-to videos, visit

How to Choose and Install Landscape Lighting

8 Responses to How to Choose and Install Landscape Lighting

  1. vicfirthify

    take a piece of gas line convert one end to a hose addapter and the other a brass point. dig a 4ft shallow trench and water jet underneath the side walk un spin the ends and it makes perfect conduit! ive done it for years works great,and then you dont have tacky? wire up on top

  2. D Key

    What I don’t understand is, when you have lights on each side of the sidewalk where do you hide the wiring? Do you tape it over the side walk over to wear the outlet is? He did not? explain that

  3. RainJetSprinklers

    It’s a really bad idea to put low voltage wiring in a edge between a sidewalk and a lawn because it will be cut over time by edgers and string trimmers. And outlets don’t have to be 12″ above we put them 3″ to? 5″ above the ground all the time here in California, but must be GFCI w/ a proper in use cover.

  4. Scott Smylie

    Is this the same guy from the Turbo Encabulator? video?

  5. FrankJZN

    Hi, can you share with? us whats exactly the system you have? … sounds interesting ….. what model or brand of solar panel and battery you have….

    Thank You

  6. peterFans

    Yeah….. Why you can’t mount the Powerpack in? the garage????

  7. LightingShowroom


  8. bdrew247

    Question: Why cant you mount? the power pack in the garage?

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