How to connect calor gas bottles to a bbq or patio heater

How to connect calor gas bottles to a bbq or  />patio</b> heater

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How to connect calor gas bottles to a bbq or patio heater

17 Responses to How to connect calor gas bottles to a bbq or patio heater

  1. Molly Michael

    Cheers George, I used your video to remind myself how to disconnect my
    bottle DUUHH!!!?

  2. bin gut

    thanks. very informative! :)?

  3. JustChewitt

    God bless you George you big lemon you saved my butter from melting

  4. DeazFIFA

    I assume you are a tottenham fan as you live in north london you fat nan!

  5. DeazFIFA

    Would you like some chicken with them dippers?

  6. Sue Coorey

    Thank you so much for this George. Struggled to understand how the
    regulator worked and you made it so simple! Great tutorial :0)

  7. Whing-Ning Chan


  8. DeazFIFA


  9. XxDiZZymushRoom

    Thank so you much, its says on my gas bottle do don’t put it under the BBQ,
    But your saying you can out it under? what shall I Do?

  10. muradxs

    really useful guide for a BBQ novice (like me)

  11. ssbooker

    George, you’re a star , spent 20 minutes trying to work out how to release
    the gas connector. :-() thanks

  12. holtymagic

    thank you for your help,i couldnt work out how to take the regulator off
    but through your video i can now. many thanks

  13. Lydia Thomas

    You’ve saved two girls a lot of frustration trying to work this out. Thanks

  14. Split10

    Thanks George….I can only echo what everyone else has said…you’re a
    star! This is what youtube is good for, but we also need people to make the
    videos…Thanks again!

  15. Erinydwi

    Thanks so much for this video!

  16. maverick buckley

    Cheers George!!

  17. AnthonyUK

    I connected a Royal Calor Choice bbq to butane with a Calor switch on
    butane reg and it worked just as well as propane apparently the front of
    the bbq says lB3 28-30/37mbar-the 28-30mbar pressure is for butane and the
    37mbar pressure is for propane. It lit up instantly and you get slight
    yellow tips on the blue flame(this is usual with butane on gas bbq’s) and
    it heated rather quickly and worked well. With propane you get a nice blue
    flame and just a very slight yellow outer cone at the tip.

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