How to Create a Patio Pond by Aquascape

Now everyone can enjoy a water garden, even if you only have a balcony to enjoy outdoor living. Scott Rhodes, director of product marketing for Aquascape, highlights how easy it is to create a container water garden with the Aquascape Aquatic Patio Pond.

How to Create a Patio Pond by Aquascape

3 Responses to How to Create a Patio Pond by Aquascape

  1. picatsoforfma

    Don’t bother with fish in here since there is no filter. And those single tailed goldfish will need 200+ gallons. 1-3 fancy goldfish would have been a much better choice for that size but will still need filtration.

  2. DownWithPropaganda

    This is a pretty funny product. It’s not attractive and anyone can do better for less by simply buying a half-barrel.

    Why do I get the impression this company is all hype and marketing instead of real product development.

    I found this after I found their “ionizer” that simply doses copper chemical into ponds.

    Can you tell I am jaded about modern marketing?

  3. tonmagicwon

    no filter ?nott

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