How to Install a Garden Pond: Part 2 |

How to Install a Garden Pond: Part 2 |

Creating a personalized backyard oasis is just a few simple steps away. Find all the tools and inspiration you need at Our pond supplies and water features can help you create a backyard water garden or garden pond that will be the envy of your family, friends and neighbors. Working on the excavation, installing the underlay and liner, and putting in the waterfall filter and UV clarifier will bring you that much closer to relaxing in the serene environment created by your garden pond or water garden. Visit http today to find all the support, tools and pond supplies you need to create your water garden backyard oasis.

How to Install a Garden Pond: Part 2 |

3 Responses to How to Install a Garden Pond: Part 2 |

  1. Arteolike

    Well, it would still be nice to see and? learn.

  2. PondlinerCom

    We don’t recommend beginners to install a bottom drain. The chances for the garden? pond to leak at those places where the drain and tubing go through the pond liner are high if not install correctly.

  3. Arteolike

    The video did? not show the bottom drain Installation? Why?

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