How to Install a Paver Patio

How to Install a Paver Patio

Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to finish your patio by installing paving stones. Make sure you know the pattern you would like to use before starting. Even though the foundation should be level, double check after you lay down your bricks. For those odd areas that the paver won't fit, cut and make adjustments. You can use chisels, brick hammers and grinders to make clean cuts and edges. Once all the pavers have been set, place sand over the blocks and dampen with a garden hose. Finally, you can seal the pavers and start planting around the patio edge. To learn about more outdoor projects, visit

How to Install a Paver Patio

21 Responses to How to Install a Paver Patio

  1. AceTechnician

    That looks so much nicer than? a concrete slab.

  2. thesmilyface21


  3. evolutiondeck

    See PAVERDECK on youtube for? anyone looking to build a paver patio at the same elevation as a deck.

  4. not2vu

    I just don’t think it would look the same if I did it.Money was adding up? real fast too.

  5. stiffler676

    @mediamannaman stone dust is used to level not sand…here will be too much? movement i fear using sand. Use Stone, then 3/4 inch stone dust. Put the pavers down then glue sand it tamp it and wet it down. I’ve done patios 7 years ago and none have moved. They all settle but not to the point where its uneven.

  6. KnowYourRealEstate

    Paver patios and walkways are a great way to enhance the decor and value? of a home. If a home looks really good it will sell much faster than one that doesn’t.

  7. mrtrainboy019

    Lowes opened its? first store at 1085 Tanaka Court New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

  8. UhhWTFuSay

    Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from other DIY videos such as “How to? Dig a Hole,” and, “Don’t flush! That Toilet is clogged.”

  9. vduke

    @CNova2010 he did explain leveling the sand! that was in the? previous video

  10. vduke

    @eviltuna1912 you should make it so that it is equal length dept across the entire area of the patio.

    For example, when you are doing concrete, you set up barriers and perimeters that go along the entire boundary of your project, fill it with concrete and add water, flatten it out, and let it dry.

    Do whatever you have to do to make the sane level and then add the type of? paver you want.

    If it is 1 inch lower in one area, only dig 5 inches in that area, etc. do not go with the grade.

  11. stickman2012

    not even? in the previous video “How to Lay the Foundation”

  12. bbqBaconNinja

    Do not listen to this guy…..he missed out on the most important parts. I’ll make a video on the proper way to install paving stone, retaining walls? ect. Base, base and base, the most important part, and he didn’t tell you how thick. If your base is bad the pavers will go to shit ;)

  13. haha13151

    hammer and chisel? if i were to do? the 700 sf i did today like that id be there till next month.

  14. haha13151

    @josh786manchester on the sides. use top sand on top? of the paver

  15. josh786manchester

    dont you need cement for the finishing to? hold it all tight?

  16. dantaichou

    @CNova2010 There’s a previous video in the series that explains how to do it. Go to the Lowes channel and look for “How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio? or Walkway”

  17. NashvilleLandscaping

    I? hope you post more great job.

  18. CNova2010

    useless. he didn’t explain the hardest and most important part, leveling the? sand.

  19. eviltuna1912

    I have a very sloped back yard, I haven’t measured it yet, but I’m sure it is lower than 1 inch every 4 feet, should I follow your? rule? Or should I slope it with my backyard?

  20. jayridge1

    I have a question. My concrete back patio is about 6″ above the ground. I want to extend my patio out another 15′ with bricks. Since my existing patio is already 6″ high, do I still dig out a foundation and that would put? my patio about a foot above my hole if I went flush went the bricks to the existing concrete patio? Would you just dig out a 6″ hole and have the bricks flush with the ground and have a 6″ drop off from the existing patio and the new patio?

  21. nilyouyube

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