How to keep my small backyard pond from smelling?

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How to keep my small backyard pond from smelling?
I have very small pond out back. But since it has become warm it has been very stagnant and smelling horrible. Can anyone please tell me what i can do to fix this. Oh and I do have a water feature in the middle of the pond to move the water. But I will admit I do not run it all day everyday.
Thanks everyone for your help. I cleaned it out yesterday ... I mean really good .. and now have it running continously. I also checked online and they said to add blue foor die to it to keep the UV rays down so I am going to try that too! Thanks again!

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Answer by Vernal H
from the sounds of it there is no continuous fresh water supply or filtering best thing to do would be to fill it in it's a breeding ground for mosquito's.

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  1. Alex

    Put some bleach in it. It is just like a swimming pool. The bleach will also keep algae from growing too

    If you want to be really technical you could check the pH every day or so to know how much bleach to use but i would just put maybe a cap full for every 10-15 gallons of water

  2. bushmaster8

    The odor you smell is caused by ANAEROBIC [means “critters” that cannot live where Oxygen is present] BACTERIA feeding on the decaying ORGANIC MATERIAL [leaves, dirt, etc.] in the water.

    To prevent it the water MUST BE KEPT CLEAN and OXYGENATED [aerated].

    To guarantee odor free water your pond must be maintained just like you would care for a tropical fish tank, or a swimming pool [except that unlike a swimming pool your would not use any Chlorine sanitizer compounds].

    That means to keep leaves, grass clippings and organic debris out, by use of FILTRATION, and some means to get an adequate supply of air INTO the water.

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