How to Lay Patio Pavers

How to Lay Patio Pavers

Home improvement expert Ron Hazelton demonstrates how to lay patio pavers in your backyard, adding delightful detail to your landscaping. For more videos on lawn and garden, patios and decking, and outdoor projects, visit

How to Lay Patio Pavers

23 Responses to How to Lay Patio Pavers

  1. playinguitarful

    great video…this is how im doing mine…thanks?

  2. peligro28

    What if the ground? is uneven?

  3. peligro28

    $125????!!!!!? where did you buy those materials??

  4. superwhiz88

    what? an cheap azz.. they guy help him for an day of work all he get is some cheap 99cent hotdog

  5. Copperfoilhat

    Why don’t they have a tool club with membership? A? yearly cost of $20 for small tools and $50 a year for large tools and $150 a year for heavy equipment. I hate buying tools I will only use once in my entire life.

  6. ivankov01

    Thanks, this was very helpful?

  7. BestLaptops100

    As an expert in landscaping I have found this video intersting. I have also posted two vidoes on landscaping on my channel feel? free to watch them

  8. myownruin187

    Looks? good guys, well done!

  9. nycisne


  10. abarford1

    @abarford1 Sorry 4:10 was? meant to be 5:10 !!

  11. abarford1

    3:45 brilliant 4:10 PURE BRILLIANCE !!!?

  12. TheBarney1979

    This is a great vid. Thanks? for shearing it.

  13. rhdtv2002

    can you guys do a 3+4=5 squaring , its obvious that putting the stakes and eyeing does not do that? for you, so in the video you do not show this part..great video though

  14. MobileSpies

    Best video Ive found on setting the? base. Does not rush through, explains what I needed to hear and easy to understand. Great job.

  15. theroncon

    You? are the man Ron. I’m getting my shovel and I’ll let you know.

  16. TheReaganfan

    awesome!? thanks for sharing this!

  17. grig24x

    I am going to start landsacping? business and this helped me very well! Nice and simple.

  18. scootkh

    Thank you….?

  19. RumBuboe

    You? deserved more than a measly hotdog for that!

  20. jerrya8009

    Great? info!!!!

  21. silversharkie

    both of you guys are funny..very? well done.

  22. TurboIX

    extremely helpfull video and funny…Thank you very? much guys.

  23. ronhazelton

    Glad you? guys like it, thanks for watching!

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