How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio or Walkway

How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio or Walkway

Lowe's home improvement expert, Mike Kraft, demonstrates how to lay the foundation for a patio and walkway. The first layer is the gravel base, followed by leveling sand. These two layers will create a level area for your backyard patio. Learn how deep you should dig and what grade you should use around the house. Then, use a plate compactor to level the base foundation. Add gravel and compact again. Finally, use PVC pipe and leveling sand to create the top layer of the patio foundation. To find out how to finish installing your patio and walkway, visit

How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio or Walkway

20 Responses to How to Lay the Foundation for a Patio or Walkway

  1. TheDevilsKnot

    He says lay? the base material then compact it. What is the base material? And how do I determine how much I need?

  2. talkingman

    You’ll have to build it up with paver base (also called “411” in most areas) in 3″? layers, plate-tamping each layer until you get it to your desired level.

  3. lateboy4


  4. banderson5676

    What if you? have a yard on a slight slope where the area at the end of the patio is far below the 7 inch markwith a level patio?

  5. Lowes

    A stake is? placed at each corner. Secure a string at the level that you want your block and use a line level to ensure the string is level. Then lay the block so that it is level with your string.
    Thank you for watching the Lowe’s YouTube Channel. –Lowe’s

  6. TheHowtolayapatio

    Patio ideas are practically accessible anywhere on the web. From intricate? designs to simple ones, you can find cool tips and instructional guidelines in home improvement resources. The best thing about these patio ideas is that you can do them even without prior experience to building and construction.

  7. MalinoisDaKine

    Dude? lays the string for the slope, than when he digs they are gone? WTF? I get the purpose of the string….what we are not told is how they are used.

  8. avantisprod

    Love the intro with the remarkable motion? graphic and good music. Beautifully presented instruction with tight, efficient editing. No waste at all. Nice work!

  9. loiraodoido

    It’s so much easier if you use it the 2 by? 4

  10. jhardy526

    what? is the name of that paver base (3:25) and where can i buy it?

  11. revers0001

    run the level line first, then tie a second line at the appropriate slope. Do this by starting at the “high” end and tying at exactly the same location? at the level line. At the “low” end mark from the first line with a pencil how much you want the slope (ie: 4″ for a 16′ run) Tie the other line here.

    This line now runs at the appropriate grade. As you dig, measure from the sloped line down the appropriate number of inches plus how many inches your line is above grade.

  12. joshron99

    After I watched the first of Lowe’s instructional videos, its fifteen seconds of? annoying intro music and sound (as obnoxious visually as it is aurally) keeps me from watching any others.

  13. davubu

    very? helpful overview.

  14. SolarInstaller7

    terrific video, My solar electric system, on a cloudy day, My home has those 3 home wind turbines that go day AND? night. Enjoyed your clip.

  15. Creative572

    Polymeric sand is the way to go. ? Its got a glue formula in it that dries hard after being watered. Just apply the water lightly tho, so the sand won’t foam!

  16. Creative572

    For proper foundation structure. It seperates the patio from the soft lawn & prevents interlock from? shifting along the soldier course edges. We typically go 1 foot past for all our installs.

  17. jamesso7

    i love lowes?

  18. DeWadeRo

    Can somebody explain why you excavate a few inches? past the actual line of the patio?

  19. zentetsu32

    You can buy all this stuff at your local nursery cheaper than lowes sells it! Also people? ask how to slope it away from your house.. That seems like common sence but its a quarter of and inch for each foot.. So you have 5 ‘ patio 1” and a quarter slope away from house..

  20. anacock

    go down 7 inchces from your line? and you have a slope

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