How to relax on my patio?

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How to relax on my patio?
I live off of a busy street. Lots of cars up and down and I can never enjoy my patio. Do you have any suggestions on how to block out the noise without having to resort to earplugs or an IPOD?
I never thought of using a water fountain. I could try that! Thanks for the idea.

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Answer by trees75094
Have you tried using a water fountain? You can sort of adjust the noise levels by using rocks to increase or decrease the sound of the water flow. There are also the sound machines that have sounds of the ocean, waterfalls, rain, and the like you could try. If it's really noisy, I don't know if these will help.

Plants can help with noise, but I think you're going to need more than that.

Can you bring a boom box out there and put on music you like?

Noise cancelling earphones are the only other thing I'm coming up with. Good luck.

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