I am getting married the first week of August 2011. Is it ok for my bridesmaids to wear short dresses?

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I am getting married the first week of August 2011. Is it ok for my bridesmaids to wear short dresses?
I would like them to be able to re-wear their dress. I am getting married in the evening. Outside but not in a garden - on a patio near a pond. Our reception will be inside at the same venue which is a brand new casino and hotel. My dress is very long with a train and a lot of elegant detailing. Will it look out of place for them to wear short dresses?

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Answer by Perse
Of course you can. Most bridesmaids wear short dresses these days, especially in the summer months.

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  1. Kacie <3 :)

    it depends is your wedding black tie? if so you should pick out a longer dress. but if it isnt then the shorter dress should be fine. you also didnt mention were your getting married, will it be cooler in the evening? maybe you should pick out shawls along with the dress. and CONGRATS :]

  2. Anna

    They can wear a short dress especially in the summer but I dont think it will be appropriate if your wedding is indoors and very formal. If your dress is elegant and you are getting married in a casino/hotel then they will look out of place like they are part of some other wedding.

  3. michelle

    they can wear whatever you want them to wear. here is a website to that you can see what it would look like if you had them wear a short dress with your long gown.


    just click on start now. then click on the click here in the if not registered click here. and then you can pick anything that you will need to in order to see how their dress and shoes and everything would look.

  4. Jenny Lynne

    Of course, it’s your wedding;’ but, for me with your dress being very elegant and having your wedding in such an upscale place, I would go for long, slender, sheath type, not too full and they can have the hem changed at a later date. Any good seamstress can do and the dress will be wearable for other occasions. Be sure you pick a dress with a nice top, according to color, analyze bridesmaids to see if something strapless or something with some sort of strap or short sleeve would look better when the length of the dress is altered.

  5. Halo Mom

    IF you wedding is formal
    It could be the way you describe your dress
    Tea length (between the knew and ankle) could be better
    They could wear that length again to a semi formal or formal wedding
    If the dress is not to bridesmaid looking, that would be true with a short dress

    A dress for a wedding should be at least fingertip length

    A pretty cotton dress, off the rack for spring or summer could be prefect for a non formal wedding

  6. kitkat

    They are very appropriate with any style of gown you have. Sounds very lovely to me.

  7. Corinne

    Yes!! =) A lot of outside weddings have that style especially. Enjoy your big day!

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