is Drylok concrete sealer safe for koi ponds?

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is Drylok concrete sealer safe for koi ponds?
I have built my pond and need to seal it. What product is fish safe? Has anyone used Drylok, Pond shield, Antel or Pond Armor? Which is best?
Additionally, is Drylok clear or like the epoxy paints colored?

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Answer by pondlady
I have used Drylock successfully. I have never used the others.

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  1. Maggie

    No, it’s not really made for this purpose. Mainly it’s used to seal concrete in basements, foundations. Properties of such products must be detailed as to their safety, proper use & any health risks that may be present such as respiratory, skin irritation, flammability, etc. These properties are detailed in the MSDS (material safety data sheet)
    Here are:
    1. Proper uses product per manufacturer:
    2. Properties & dangers of the product per MSDS:

    There is something called “Koi Kote Concrete Pond Sealer” It is safe for your fish.
    It has no toxic smells or fumes & a seamless lining so bacteria are unable to grow.
    It comes in clear or colored finishes. It’s best to do 2 or 3 coats of it if possible.
    Here is more info about it & suggestions for care of your pond!

  2. Alex

    This specialist website will be of help to you with more info on that:

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