Is it a good idea to feed wild hedgehogs?

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Is it a good idea to feed wild hedgehogs?
I live in the suburbs and tons of little hedgehogs come out at night. They love coming on my patio and exploring.
Would it be okay for me to leave them a little snack? If yes, what kind of foods should I leave out for them?

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Answer by Maya
leav them cat or dog food or bread dont leav them milk its bad for them some fruit and veges are ok to if you really want a good look at them dont go near them simply put a tray with the food on in a spot you can see from a hidden distance eg hide or window, Eventualy the hedghogs will automaticly go to the spot everynight but you have to put food out everynight or they will stop coming.
Also if you want to make your garden hedghog friendly then build nesting boxes for them in winter and if you have a pond make sure it slops so if they fall in they can climb out. Also keep the garden clear of any rubbish that they could consume or get caught up in.

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