Is this Patio umbrella rain proof?

patio umbrella

Is this Patio umbrella rain proof?

I want to get this patio umbrella, what i mean by rain proof is not if it gets damaged my rain, but if it actually stops water from falling through.. I want to be able to sit outside around the table even while its raining without getting wet..

anybody have a similar kind of umbrella? just want to know if water will seep thru like wet clothes? or does it roll off the sides?

If not? anyone know of a patio umbrella preferably 8-10ft diameter that DOES block rain?


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Answer by Shelby
Yes it's rain proof I have it I forgot to close it and nothing happened

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  1. Woodstock

    Most umbrellas are Rain/Water proof. However you still need to take other precautions such as some type of netting to block excess water from the side as for when the wind blows you may still get wet. Being your concern of getting wet you may want to purchase some type of netted canopy or gazebo that you can partially or fully enclose & still enjoy the outdoors

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