Kaldnes DIY 5 Minute Bio Filter

Kaldnes DIY 5 Minute Bio Filter

DIY bio filter for your fish pond, fish tanks or even your backyard fish farm and aquaponic systems You can buy this kaldnes type biomedia from our online sh...

Kaldnes DIY 5 Minute Bio Filter

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  1. Paul Van der Werf

    I don’t consider myself? a teacher but thank you Lazza.

  2. Lazza Leppi

    Thank you for teaching this. You are a? teacher.

  3. Paul Van der Werf

    None is needed. If you are dealing with a few fish in an aquarium or low density in a backyard system, you can use any configuration that suits your needs. At commercial loading, the design criteria is very specific and testing has been done for decades between various types? of filter designs. I am pleased with mine and how they perform under serious loading. If yours work in your situation, then that is all that is needed.

  4. Paul Van der Werf

    aerobic and anoxic conditions and they feed off other organisms (eg your nitrifiers) they outcompete the Chemoautotrophs for resources, space and food further reducing? the capacity of the filter. Trickle filters are excellent I use them in all my larger designs specifically for their degassing capacity but I use them in conjunction with MBBR, relying on the MBBR to do most of the heavy lifting where nitrification is concerned. Like I said, this is really up to you to decide.

  5. Paul Van der Werf

    allowing free movement of water and dead bacteria out of the trickle filter to? be picked up by your solids filtration on the return trip. On top of the increased oxygen demand, you have an increase of organic nitrogen (dead bacteria) which the Chemoautotrophs can not live on or consume which sets up excellent condition for Heterotrophic bacteria. Because the Heterotrophs can live and feed on the organic nitrogen and carbon, double their population in 20 minutes and can perform in both…..

  6. Paul Van der Werf

    prior to the entry of the water into? the filter, the filter media will become clogged over time as the dying bacterial floc created within the filter, after the prefiltration will remain in the filter and over time reduce its filtering capacity. This organic build up will severely increase the oxygen demand on the media itself hence reduce the efficiency or perceived gain you may get from a trickle filter. This is why trickle filter media generally have a 1/4 the surface area of MBBR media….

  7. Paul Van der Werf

    This is really for you to decide. If you were to use the same bio media and the same volume, trickle or MBBR then the surface area would be equal. From a volumetric point of view, you are correct to say you can put more (albeit not 2 to 4 times)? bio media in the same drum as most MBBR are 70% full of media. So the Trickle filter will gain an additional 30% surface area not 200% or 400% as you suggest. In a static packed formation trickle filter, even with a matala mat (or fiber layer)…….

  8. PalJoey1957

    2 – A test would be welcome. Trk vs MB filters. Common water feed to two barrels set up optimally: full barrel media for the TRK, and as much media as the MB will take. Measure organics in the water input vs output, or, 24 hour closed system results. Well, greetings from NY. I? envy your land space and ability to pursue your passion. My apt. building fire escape is rather limiting.

  9. PalJoey1957

    1 – Filtration Titans “Battle:” a) I don’t believe the kinetic action of the moving bed would distinguish between live and dead bacteria. b) A barrel full of media in a trickle would give 2-4X the media surface area than the half (third?) full moving bed barrel. c) A trickle gives virtually 100% air contact for aerobic action. With a prefilter fiber layer there would be virtually no solid muck build up. A MB bed barrel? gives only the surface are for oxygen exchange, albeit a moving one.

  10. Paul Van der Werf

    I am certain a trickle filter will work well. However the surface area of the media used in trickle filters is much smaller than this media so you would effectively need a filter 4 times the size to achieve the same result. You can do it anyway you like. ? If it works for you, great. Aquaculturists, like me do things a little different to aquarists but the result is similar.

  11. Paul Van der Werf

    No offence taken. A moving bed biological filter allows the dead bacteria to be knocked off to allow room for the new bacteria to grow. it also prevents it from clogging and filling? with organic material which the nitrifiers do not consume so sets up heterotrophic bloom conditions which is bad for the filter reducing its capacity.. No a gimmick, it is used around the world in commercial aquaculture.

  12. Paul Van der Werf

    we supply them. It? is 20 litres per minute.

  13. Huy Nguyen

    where did you get your airstone ?
    how powerful is? it

  14. PalJoey1957

    Just? to press the point: logically, the scrubbing would seem to minimize the bacteria colony for less total filtration. The swirl filter seems unnecessary and a waste of filter capacity. Hook both containers up in series as trickle filters with a large filter sock at the input of the first one. Rinse the sock every few days to remove the nastiest stuff. You’d get plenty of airation and probably quadruple the capacity. Just some well meaning advice from a 50+ year aquarist. Good luck.

  15. PalJoey1957

    Good video. But what I fail to understand is the rational for the moving bed itself. Why constantly scrub the bacteria layer? Any filter would reach maximum? effiency with a stable bed through which the water passes. By scrubbing the media, you are also sending some bio matter back into the water solution. Has anyone ever measured the water output from a stationary vs. a scrubbing filter? No offense, but it seems like a gimmick. That container would hold a huge amount of filter material.

  16. Paul Van der Werf

    Hi Gordon, yes we well the bio media.? The blue drums you can get from most ag supply stores.

  17. Gordon Pilcher

    Do you actually sell the media? Plus where can one buy the drums 60L? &200 L

  18. Paul Van der Werf

    Hi Ben,

    Cant link in comments.? Do a search for earthangroup and you will find us. Cheers

  19. Paul Van der Werf

    You can order it but you will have to send an email for? international deliveries.

  20. Ben Williams

    How much is that media? Do? you have a website I can look at or is contacting you directly the way to go?

  21. Paul Van der Werf

    Your bacteria population will only grow to the amount? of food available to them, so having too much bio filtration is more costly than it needs to be but no detriment.

  22. Hamish Gale

    Is it possible to have too much K1 filtration in? a system? Or would the extra filter media just give a bigger buffer in case of over feeding?

  23. MrRookie714

    Than you for? responding

  24. Paul Van der Werf

    I expect? so MrRookie. Have seen it done in aquariums

  25. Paul Van der Werf

    You can buy the media from us Notoriouspawn?

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