koi pond homemade less than $300

how to build a koi pond less than 0. 4'x8' landscape timber.

koi pond homemade less than 0

25 Responses to koi pond homemade less than $300

  1. MsTokies

    nice music.. reminds me of police academy

  2. njgoomba

    Nice job!

  3. SuperQuickStick

    Hi, I have a 350 Gallon pond. I just bought a 300 Gallon pump and a huge filter. My pond is built from ground level up to about 3 feet. My water is super clear but the bottom is filled with the kois waste. Do you know how I can get rid of the kois waste? do I need an even bigger pump?

  4. Amerimokkka

    What lovely music is this? What album is it on or should I say from?

  5. musicheadt

    now all you need are KOI!…

  6. ArizonaFishkeeping

    Nice job. Here in Arizona I would have to make it deeper in order to accommodate the summer heat, but looking at your plan I don’t think that would add to the cost at all. I will give this video a “like” for it’s fishy goodness and for the fact that you waited to add the koi! Good job.

  7. Ic3ymirage

    How’s the water filtered

  8. enticed2zeitgeist

    How strong is pond liner? I’d like to put one in my solarium but I’m terrified it will leak some day.

  9. ShadowBIazes

    looks like a coffin

  10. mivvie12

    @gentrysnavat you are a snob

  11. SuperQuickStick

    THIS IS SO AWSOME! i have 5 koi in a 70 gallon tank. but all under 7 inches. i need a pond but my parents wont allow it because they think i am not cabable of building one. this is a smart idea.

  12. infinityaffiliate

    wow nice and easy

  13. ShannyCleaner

    you could have put some inlaid solar lights that reflect into the pond.. like panels or waterproof or floaties.. dont want to upset the fairies..

  14. EnglishStone81

    @cloudcally Don’t be stupid of course they will outgrow pond, I’ve had loads of people who have given me their koi because of that exact reason!!!

  15. gentrysnavat

    i don’t like anything about this pond. plastic looking everywhere, red mulch, its very trailer-park people like

  16. sxcelite12

    how much for that water pump?

  17. TomFrankSurfs

    @lavvy2585 They’re bottom feeders so algae and fish food should do em right

  18. lavvy2585


    I think the end result was great!

  19. lavvy2585

    what do they eat?

  20. lavvy2585

    very nice but what are you going to do with the area that has dirt. I never thought to make it rectangular thanks for the video and clever with the barrel!

  21. cloudcally

    @bjorngroen the fish will not outgrow the pond…the pond will determine how big the fish is. If I put a koi in a 30 gallon it will not grow very big. If I put a koi in a 1000 gallon pond, it will grow as large as 2 feet.

  22. TomFrankSurfs

    @yellowkoi2009 It should be about the fish. If you can’t afford to keep em happy you can’t afford to keep em.

  23. ERF420

    calories sorry had to be a grammar nazi.

  24. Steppen03

    Good Clip! But how do you do water changes ?
    What is the pump ? how much is it ?

  25. scottcornwall1

    It was looking great till you added that horrible plastic waterfall , the filter tub and hoses – all started to look ugly …..great effort though – cheap at least ;)

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