Koolatron KSPK-84-G 84-Gallon Pond Kit

The popularity of backyard ponds continues to grow at a vigorous pace. This Kit includes everything you need to construct a beautiful, low maintenance water garden.

  • Includes a 6 ft x 6ft Non Toxic Pond Liner.
  • Includes a 200 gph Filter Free Pump with protective shell.
  • Includes a Water-bell and a 3 Tier fountain head & telescopic Riser.
  • Includes 2 silk water lilies
  • Includes installation instruction

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We are getting some snow warning, mainly on grass and cars. I find this funny. :) (Oh I need to put deicer machine back in Koi pond again) - by SeanGerlis (Sean Gerlis)

The Easy Way to Build Your Koi Pond Now! http://goo.gl/fb/KVjSY - by languagestravel (Pietro Dau)

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