Laying a Brick Patio

Laying a Brick Patio

Last year, I held an open house for a seller of mine. A prospective home buyer was visiting and made a comment that the back patio looked terrible. It had round popcorn patio blocks with stones in between and was overgrown with weeds. She thought a brick patio would be much nicer. I told her that if she purchased the home, and the bricks, I would lay them. She bought the property and completely remodeled it into a beautiful villa. She called me recently to take me up on my promise. I've now laid the bricks for her. Of course I thought it would be fun to videotape the job. The camcorder malfunctioned near the end - but it got completed and turned out well.

Laying a Brick Patio

13 Responses to Laying a Brick Patio

  1. worshipwatcher55

    I don’t know how the patio turned out but I loved the video.? You go man!

  2. fcmstreetfight11

    I think you did a good job ,Fk all these? assholes with big mouths and nothing to back it up with.You did what you could with what knowledge you knew about paving.I dont know a great deal about pavers ..but Id do my best and learn from it no attention to the pussies with there smart as comments..they couldnt fight there way out of a paper sackl

  3. generalspence

    If this was in Canada you’d be ducking retarded dude… You didn’t even compact your? stonedust.. Your leveling was shit too…

  4. Steve Smith

    really? I can’t wait to see you? video say on… starting a campfire or maybe … how to sharpen a knife…. just add some music and have some fun (and God help those who follow your example and waste money and time) but nice job

  5. thejakester1982

    I do this for? a living, and its funny, when I watched this, I thought to myself, here is a guy who probably hasnt done much of this and doesnt know exactly what he is doing, there is probably over ten things I could criticize about this, but more importantly I thought here is a guy who is handy, and meticulous enough that for what it is this project will be fine. If you cant afford to hire a pro and have a couple free or cheap bricks, why not?? Wont last 50 years but who cares.. Chill out pros.

  6. butt3erz13

    didnt compact and didnt use brickies sand for moisture or strength,failed mate? keep tryin

  7. whitec419

    more than one way to? skin a cat.

  8. systonladjames

    has anyone walked on it..i know for a fact it wont be even still because of the lack of foundations and no concrete membrane,get some decent hardcore? and a wacker plate

  9. Bpasky01

    I am a Hardscape Contractor in Pennsylvania. This is by no means a recommended method to install a paver patio. Lowes youtube videos are closer to the industry standard than this joke of an install. Please do not follow this video as a instruction video for your patio. It will fail within 6 months to a year. I know Florida does not have any issues with freeze thaw but there needs to be a minimum of 4 inches of compacted granular base with a? plate compactor (NOT FOOT STOMPED).

  10. ElChile2010

    it looks great man,funny ending shawn,keep it? up

  11. Michele Morland

    This is what i’ll be doing this weekend. All by hand and I’m a woman…. this is something that i can do now with the help of this video, and it is superfluous to hire a contractor and pay hundreds of dollars for 80 sq feet of simple bricks. Thank you very much for sharing how you did this, it is easy to understand and i loved the way you used the 2×4 with the level for each row to make sure the bricks and sand were level. i’m in siesta key, FL and it’s too dang hot? to get too complicated. LOL!

  12. Detroit8V92tta

    Looks good to? me, well done!

  13. jazmanjef

    Come on contractors; admit it; sometimes a $300 job gets it done in place of? your $1,300 job.

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