Meet Nature Face to Face with Your Own Backyard Water Garden Paradise

backyard pond

Meet Nature Face to Face with Your Own Backyard Water Garden Paradise

Cedar Park, TX (PRWEB) August 15, 2006

Thanks to the latest in technology, today’s backyard water gardens are filled with relaxation and joy instead of headaches and algae; the horror stories of pond ownership are in the past. Utilizing Mother Nature’s systems to regulate algae and other water garden woes, ponds today require very little maintenance for year round enjoyment for the pond owner and the koi that may occupy them.

“Concrete ponds would leak and leach harmful chemicals into the water killing fish. It was almost impossible to have a water garden and koi pond in one,” says John Bertone of Five Star Ponds. Today’s concrete free water gardens are excellent spots for lily pads, lotus and other water loving plants -- plus they’re safe for fish. And the best part is, a pond can usually be installed in one day and ready for fish within a week.

After six months your pond will look completely different than the day it was installed. The water garden plants will flourish and create such wonderful colors for your landscape. Dragonflies are often drawn to ponds and sometimes birds use the pond to bathe in. The wildlife that flocks to water gardens are a pleasure to watch. Once you see one, you won't be able to keep from wanting one of your own to enjoy.

Some homeowners with very small children might be concerned with having a body of water in their yard and Five Star Ponds has the solution with the Pondless™ Waterfall. John Bertone says, “I installed one in my front yard. It is great to watch the neighborhood kids play with the rocks and watch the dragon flies sun bathe! I don’t have to worry about the kids since there isn’t a pool at the bottom. The water just disappears into a bed of rocks at the base.”

If you would like to meet John from Five Star Ponds, he will be at the 11th annual Austin Fall Home & Garden Show in booth 1332, taking place at the Austin Convention Center on August 18-20. Or catch him on the Friday morning news on KXAN NBC Austin, Texas and learn to build your own micro water garden.

Bring nature to your backyard with help from Five Star Ponds.

Five Star Ponds is a family owned and operated business specializing in installing Aquascape Ponds and Pondless™ waterfalls with trained designers now building ponds in Orange County, California and Austin, Texas. For the do-it-yourselfers, Five Star Ponds also carries a complete line of water garden kits on their web site. Find out more about Five Star Ponds online at

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