My first attempt at a Koi/fish pond

My first attempt at a Koi/fish pond

This is my fish pond recentley completed in sept 2011,never built one before so was a little unsure where to start. i used 8 tonnes of concrete in the footin...

My first attempt at a Koi/fish pond

17 Responses to My first attempt at a Koi/fish pond

  1. covoniasweetpea

    that mate is a very nice pond well nice to see how you built it?

  2. Fritz Pena

    Nice background music..:)?

  3. Jas noway

    a few leaks near the bottom but nice job :)?

  4. monsegur33

    great! thanks and the music tune is also great!?

  5. mary ann thomas

    wow nice job i will copy that to my garden?

  6. a rees

    the zombie rocks add some hands reaching out on the front rail from the
    water awesome job mate?

  7. Andy Garner

    great addition to the garden buddy.just one thing your a dingle BOING
    BOING. great video.

  8. TTBT

    dunno why but those brick walls reminds me of smores.

  9. adam greaves

    would just like to know wer the filter is

  10. ThePepperford

    Wow great work. I bet that zombie still freaks you out at night.

  11. martinkv81

    Wow! Great job!

  12. AllAspx

    how would you get to the filter, but otherwise it’s kinda cool, i don’t
    believe that it’s your first unless you had some CRAZY idea that you picked
    up from somebody else?

  13. 50mrcena

    great job

  14. jeetley

    yeah i know what you mean….one’s enough :)

  15. jeetley

    The stone i used on the back wall was a concrete block made to? look like
    stacked dry slate.. Got it from local builders merchant and it was £70 a

  16. YuckyLuckyDucky

    Ha…ha..ha. no…

  17. AllAspx

    yeah it’s blanketweed and thanks mate, so clover leaf and uv light got ya!

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