My Fish Pond

I finely got the pond safe and ready for my fish. This video shows that process. Keep in mind, I still need a name for that second fish.

My Fish Pond

25 Responses to My Fish Pond

  1. 1Serval

    this guy needs his own farm; he needs to be out in nature more — looks like he brought it all inside.

  2. jasonmit

    @patf03 We had the room and it was pretty of fun. It was like having an air conditioned garden. Didn’t last long though. It was a real pain in the butt to maintain.

  3. patf03

    who has that stuff in their living room kinda weird

  4. madmad484

    why the heck have u got a pond in your house

  5. jasonmit

    @robloxfan459 It had a pump with a makeshift filter that actually worked fairly well.

  6. robloxfan459

    Is there like a filter below the pond thats attached to a sewage pipe? Or is it just a baby pool filled with water?
    Please reply

  7. Adam141516

    i would have gone with like small koi or somthing so u can see them or goldfish but still good job

  8. jasonmit

    @waylan3 Naah, it was too high maintenance and cumbersome. There’s a retro cabinet Hifi in that spot now.

  9. waylan3

    i know nothing about fish ponds but how come its inside insted of out side?is it still inside?

  10. waylan3

    i know nothing about fish ponds but how come its inside insted of out side?is it still imside?

  11. 11tez11

    thay are tropical fish and need to have a heater

  12. LuvvyTori

    0:52, why not do that in the first place?

  13. LuvvyTori

    why not put it outside ?

  14. agonyscenerocker

    Your fish arent moving because their like what the fuck, this hippy just put us in a trippy fucking baby swimming pool! WTF hahahaha!

  15. Gregmills007

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  16. MisterManify

    The PH of your water is safe for you to drink. The maximum damage that it could do is possibly slightly (hardly) nuetralize the PH level in your stomach acid.I think that you have the numbers on the PH scale a little bit mixed up. You see: if something has the ph of seven, the substance is neutral. If something is LOWER THAN SEVEN it is considered an acid. If something is HIGHER THAN SEVEN it is an alkaloid. Which is harmless. Like an ant-acid or a gas pill. Tap water is typically alkaloid.

  17. oliviabodycomb

    and i thought i was nuts

  18. jasonmit

    @person662641 Yep, kickin’ it in L-Town! Moved here for college, stayed because of laziness, got a decent job and it’s better than Duncan.

  19. jasonmit

    @nialler190188 lol yes, very. That’s why it didn’t last very long.

  20. nialler190188

    That is so impractical . .

  21. person662641

    wait lawton, OK ? thats where i am! cool stuff!

  22. nathanpotato

    Seinfeld in the background! FTW!

  23. YugiohTrader19

    what kind of fish were they just normal goldfish?

  24. jasonmit

    @yournamehere954 It has two: one in the front and another in the back.

  25. yournamehere954

    so…im guessing your house does not have a yard correct?

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