My natural looking Koi fish Pond Water Garden (two weeks old)

My natural looking Koi fish Pond Water Garden (two weeks old)

Completed DIY raised timber and liner construction koi pond with 1 year old show quality fish all from recycled timber. More information at http://www.diykoi...

My natural looking Koi fish Pond Water Garden (two weeks old)

21 Responses to My natural looking Koi fish Pond Water Garden (two weeks old)

  1. sharadbhutoria

    You have given me a great idea. Thanks. Also, very nice pond.?

  2. canho yiu chung

    Nice! Good!?

  3. JBtheProducer

    Nice pond!?

  4. Dreamer Medina

    How do you clean the filter ???

  5. Justin Sengsavang

    During the winter goldfish don’t eat?

  6. anang ardiantaka

    thats cool pond, *envy*?

  7. Mercedes230000

    Well done!?

  8. ki li

    too many babies fishes it doesn’t look deep enough predators gonna eat them

  9. TheEsotericDesi

    Very beautiful… I like how the fish are traveling around in school…
    and that wonderful sound of water…?

  10. Andre Koala

    Well, this is a very pleasent set up for the fish to live in, as well as
    for us people to enjoy it! Nice work indeed. Can’t wait to do something
    like that. Even bigger! :)

  11. Mon S.

    Nice beautiful pond! Well done. I’m sure those Koi fishes will be a lot
    bigger in no time there. Keep it up! Cheers!!!

  12. Minesh Reddy

    Hey please reply. Kapufilms how much did you buy your koi for and where.
    Did u buy it

  13. MonstaFishKeeper (Pets & Tech)

    SUBSCRIBED TO YOU:D Pleae check out my channel:D

  14. MrDwem

    awesome pond, and is that water quality purely from your homemade filter?
    no UV light or anything? Do you ever get any algae problems from it being
    in the sun??

  15. ugur celik

    I really admire your wonderful greeting..

  16. Becky Satter

    Great job, looks wonderful!

  17. motovader

    I love your pond! The aged wood really makes it look alot more natural!
    Great job man, videos like this motivate me into trying to build one

  18. Legendaryknight2

    amazing. Say… No bird hunted one of your kois?

  19. Dont-be Evil

    Not bad for DIY. The tank needs some decoration.

  20. myjoshrobinson

    one thing you need to make it just a little bit better, A TURTLE !!

  21. Otakusan anonimo

    good job :x

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