Natural Environmental Systems Expands 2008 Pond Supplies Portfolio

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Natural Environmental Systems Expands 2008 Pond Supplies Portfolio

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) April 15, 2008

Natural Environmental Systems, LLC, a Dallas based environmental products supplier, has expanded its 2008 pond supplies portfolio to include more equipment and maintenance supplies to complement its Pond Keeper© brand water treatments.

New for 2008, the company has brought in an extensive line of pond pumps and pond filters from Pentair Aquatics for both large and small pond applications, cleaning supplies like pond nets, brushes and vacuums and even fish feeders and fish food for koi ponds and commercial ponds. They have also partnered up with a koi farm to offer koi fish direct from the Internet.

"Backyard ponding is a growing market and we are striving to become a comprehensive resource for distributors, dealers and even consumers who are looking for equipment, supplies and solutions to their pond maintenance needs," states Casey Coke, Natural Environmental Systems.

In addition to the growing backyard pond market, Natural Environmental Systems has also expanded its product line to better serve the needs of large ponds and lakes through the addition of pond aeration units and aquatic weed control products.

"Last year we helped a lot of people who had algae problems, therefore we would receive calls from people with other aquatic weed problems like duckweed, hydrilla and cattails. At that time we did not have a lot that could help them with those specific issues. This year we have brought in some environmentally friendly herbicides along with several mechanical weed control devices to give those same people some viable options to control aquatic weeds other than algae," adds Mr. Coke. "We are also very excited about the new Great Lakes Aeration Systems we are carrying for large ponds and their beneficial impact on algae and weed control."

About Natural Environmental Systems, LLC

Natural Environmental Systems is a worldwide supplier of biological products, including Pond Keeper brand products. The product line consists of multiple pond bacteria products, water conditioners, water clarifiers, pond and lake dyes, phosphate control, barley straw extract, stone and waterfall cleaner and even polished pond stones. The company is also an authorized distributor of GreenClean and GreenClean Pro algaecides, which are fish-safe, non copper-based algae killers.


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