Online Pond Supply Retailer Expands Product Lines

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Enid, OK (PRWEB) June 6, 2008 is setting itself up to be one of the largest retailers of pond supplies on the Internet with an online catalog potential of over 1500 items (and growing) including major brands such as Microbe-Lift, Crystal Clear, Savio, Pond Keeper, Tetra, Oase, and many more.

The ever-growing catalog of items on is expanding to include more brands of water treatments, pond pumps, pond filters, algae control solutions, aerators and fountains, pond kits, fish medication, fish food, fish feeders and aquatic plant supplies…to name a few. Additionally, the site also contains a constantly expanding Learning Center that features articles from various pond experts covering a wide range of topics geared towards the do-it-yourself pond owner. differentiates itself from many of its counterparts through its commitment to supplying products for all types of ponds. Rather than solely focusing on the typical backyard ponds and fish ponds that many retailers specialize in, also carries an extensive line of supplies used in the maintenance of private waters, commercial waterways and farm ponds such as aeration units from Great Lakes and Scott Aerator and Kasco, GreenClean Pro fish-friendly algaecides and beneficial pond bacteria concentrates like Pond Keeper Pro, creating a complete shopping experience for the pond owner.


Pond World, LLC, through its website, is a retailer of pond and lake supplies including water treatments, pumps, filters, maintenance supplies, kits, aerators, fountains and fish and plant supplies. is focused on being a one-stop shop for all types of pond owners looking to build and maintain a clean and healthy pond or lake.

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