patio heater trouble?

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patio heater trouble?
hi can anyone tell me what i can do with my patio heater, it is igniting as you can see the spark but wont light, there is plenty of gas in the bottle so thats ok, what other problems will be causing this it is a large one with a pilot light , so one told me to clean the jets but what do i do this with, any help please

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Patio heaters are very much like stoves; they also have a jet, through which gas comes out and is ignited by the pilot light.

Remove the jet, and clean it with Scotch Brite, or something similar. No sweat.

Your gas could have moister, condensation, water. It is difficult to light up water!.Try to dry up the area pouring a bit of alcohol and lighten it up with a match. Not too much, just enough to heat up the element before you open the propane and allow the gas to flow.

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